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Nannodectes gazini


Nannodectes gazini had a body mass of around 188 grams (Fleagle, 1999). The dental formula was 2:1:3:3 on the upper jaw and 1:1:3:3 on the lower jaw (Conroy, 1990). This species had narrower and less robust incisors than those of Plesiadapis species (Conroy, 1990). The upper incisors had a large posterocone in the back (Conroy, 1990). The upper and lower incisors were rodent-like (Conroy, 1990).

Nannodectes gazini was found in North America (Fleagle, 1999). This species occurred during the late Paleocene epoch in the early Tiffanian stage (Fleagle, 1999; Conroy, 1990).

Based upon the morphology of the teeth, this species more than likely consumed plant matter (Fleagle, 1999).

Fleagle, J.G. 1999. Primate Adaptation and Evolution. Academic Press: San Diego.

Last updated: November 21, 2002

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