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Evolution of monkeys, apes, and prosimains

The Origin of Primates
The Origin of Primates covers the three theories about how primates first evolved.

Tree-shrews as Primates
A look at how tree-shrews may be considered primitive primates. Includes a list of extant tree-shrews.

The Origins of Platyrrhine Monkeys in South America
The Origins of Platyrrhine Monkeys in South America covers the theories of how the primates first were able to travel from Africa to South America.

A Taxonomy of Extinct Primates
A listing of all extinct primates. Some of the more well-known primates have descriptive page about their morphology, range, diet, and locomotion.

Distribution of Extinct Primates
Distribution of Extinct Primates has a table with the distribution of extinct primates organized by family, genus, or species.

Primate Evolution Links
Primate Evolution Links are links to sites around the internet with information about primate evolution.

Primate Evolution Definitions

Primate Evolution Definitions are selected definitions concerning primate evolution.

This page last updated: March 25, 2005.

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