Adapis sudrei


Adapis sudrei has an average body mass estimated at 1.4 kilograms (Fleagle, 1999). The molars of this species are long and narrow and the premolars have well-developed shearing crests (Fleagle, 1999). A canal exists in the auditory region for the stapedial artery and a groove for a promontory artery (Fleagle, 1999). The orbits of this species are relatively small suggesting it is a diurnal species (Fleagle, 1999).

Adapis sudrei lived on the continent of Europe and occurred during the late Eocene to early Oligocene (Fleagle, 1999).

Based on dental morphology, the high shearing crests of the molars, this species most likely had a folivorous diet (Fleagle, 1999).

Fleagle, J.G. 1999. Primate Adaptation and Evolution. Academic Press: New York.

Last updated: January 24, 2002

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