Afropithecus turkanensis


Afropithecus turkanensis has a dental formula of 2:1:2:3 on both the upper and lower jaw (Fleagle, 1988). This species has robust, procumbant incisors, small, rounded, tusk-like canines, and broad upper premolars (Fleagle, 1988). The teeth of this species possess a thick enamel (Martin, 1990). This species have relatively small orbits, broad interorbital distance, and a long and narrow snout (Fleagle, 1988). This species had an average body mass of around 50 kilograms (Fleagle, 1988). This species resembles Sivapithecus and may be related (Martin, 1990).

Afropithecus turkanensis was found on the continent of Africa, in the countries of Kenya and Uganda and occurred during the middle Miocene (Fleagle, 1988).

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Last updated: January 24, 2002

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