Parapithecus fraasi


Parapithecus fraasi had a dental formula of 2:1:3:3 on the upper jaw and ?:1:3:3 on the lower jaw (Fleagle, 1988). This species has molars with rounded cusps and a third molar which is reduced (Fleagle, 1988). The premolars of this species are relatively simple (Fleagle, 1988). Parapithecus fraasi had an average body mass of around 1.7 kilograms (Fleagle, 1988).

Parapithecus fraasi was found in Africa and discovered in the country of Egypt (Fleagle, 1988). This species occurred during the early Oligocene (Fleagle, 1988).

Based upon dental morphology this species probably had a frugivorous diet (Fleagle, 1988).

Fleagle, J.G. 1988. Primate Adaptation and Evolution. Academic Press: New York.

Last updated: November 16, 2001

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