Pronycticebus neglectus


Pronycticebus neglectus possesses a "grooming claw" on the second digit of each foot like modern strepsirhines (Fleagle, 1999). This species had a dental formula of 2:1:4:3 (Martin, 1990). This species has a postorbital bar and a petrosal bulla (Conroy, 1990). This species has a relatively large orbital size suggesting this my have been a nocturnal or a crepuscular species (Conroy, 1990). This species has a relatively large baculum for a species of its size (Fleagle, 1999). This species has an average body mass of 825 grams (Fleagle, 1999).

Pronycticebus neglectus lived on the continent of Europe, in the present country of Germany and occurred during the middle to late Eocene (Fleagle, 1999).

Pronycticebus neglectus moved by quadrupedalism, leaping, and climbing based upon limb morphology (Fleagle, 1999). This species is less of a leaper than the notharctines and used slow quadrupedalism less than the adapines (Fleagle, 1999).

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Last updated: November 13, 2001

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